Emerging Franchises is a franchise development company that represents and helps to organize and build the hottest franchise companies both in the United States as well as Internationally. Our Management team hand selects only emerging concepts with huge growth potential. With little territory available for the older brands, we bring fresh innovative brands that have great potential just as the big brand names you know today. All our brands are unique since we focus on niche markets that are still untapped. We invite you to look at our portfolio of up and coming franchise opportunities.

My name is Tim McNulty. I am the Chef-Owner of the Lobster Pot Restaurant in Provincetown Massachusetts. We have been in business since 1979. Recently we have decided to expand our business through franchising. After speaking with several franchise development companies we decided on Emerging Franchises. It just felt right. From the first phone call with Greg to working extensively with Samantha on developing the FDD and the Training and Operation Manuals. I am absolutely convinced that we made the right decision. We are still in the development stage but I couldn’t be happier. The energy and professionalism is exceptional. Their knowledge in franchise development is remarkable. Every question that has come up has been answered quickly and accurately. From finding suppliers to helping with Logo design to answering legal questions they have been spot on. They have been instrumental in helping me to create other relationships with businesses that are needed in this process. They have earned my respect and my trust and I am excited about this project every day.

Tim McNulty
Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot Logo

My experience with Emerging Franchises has been nothing short of amazing. We opened our business in May 2017 and knew we wanted to franchise from the beginning. We planned our business as though it was a franchise so we could be ready when the time came to franchise. Greg and Sam contacted my partners and I to discuss franchising our business with them. We were so green to franchising, and everything it entailed, and were honestly stressed to start pursuing it this early. After having multiple conversations over the period of a few months they put all of our fears to rest and made us feel confident that we could do this with their help. I have been personally working with Sam for the last few months and she has been awesome. When she says she can do it all she really can. She keeps me informed everyday on people interested in purchasing a franchise and handles all the leg work. If you are serious about growing your brand and believe franchising is the way, you need to reach out to them. They know what they are talking about and more importantly they are people who do what they say they will.

Colton Mounce
Buzzed Bull Creamery

Buzzed Bull Creamery Logo

If you’re an emerging franchisor, you should connect with Samantha and Greg at Emerging Franchises. They’re franchising experts and more importantly, franchise development experts who are fully experienced with a proven track record in franchise sales. Samantha and Greg stand out because they’re REAL closers in every sense of the word. Quality leads are important, qualifying is important, selling is important, but if you can’t close the deal, you fail. Emerging Franchises is particular with what brands they’ll work with, but if they do, the growth of your brand will be in very good hands. Working closely with Samantha and Greg, 2018 is going to be a big growth year for Fóumami!

Michael Wang -CEO/Founder
Foumami America, LLC


From the start, Greg and Samantha helped me form my franchise company. Everything from logo and website to financing assistance for my franchisees and graphic vendors for my graphics on walls. It seemed like anything I needed or whenever I hit a speed bump they were there to help and push it forward with ease. Within my first few weeks of offering franchises, we had our first buyer. I couldn’t be more excited! I started out nervous but with Greg and Samantha by my side I know I have any assistance or help I may need for mine and my franchisees success!

Phil Santomassi – CEO
Mr. Bagel Meister

Mr Bagel Meister Logo



Dive into one of our breakfast or lunch selections, or stop in for dessert, and you’ll instantly discover what makes Fóumami, Fóumami. We offer breakfast and lunch, to stay or to go; soups and salads that can easily be a main course; snacks and a great selection of specially made hot and cold beverages.

High standards are our daily standard. Hours of preparation go into the food that we’re able to serve you in minutes. Everything is freshly prepared in our open kitchen, where you’ll see us searing and steaming chicken; julienning fresh produce to add a refreshing note to our sandwiches; or infusing ginger roots and cinnamon bark together for a new take on iced tea.


Buzzed Bull Creamery was created with one goal in mind, to make better ice cream and frozen yogurt. We do this by combining fresh ingredients with liquid nitrogen for the ultimate small batch dessert.

The fun does not stop there. We also have the ability to infuse the liquor of your choice. This means adults as well as kids will have a great time. We make sure to handle each dessert with careful attention and a whole lot of TLC to proudly offer the finest ice creams and frozen yogurts around.

​Whether you’re looking for one of the classic flavors, or something new, Buzzed Bull Creamery has got you covered!


Bar-B- Cutie franchise is an iconic family-owned BBQ business, with over 65 years of experience in the BBQ restaurant business. Since our founding in 1950, Bar-B-Cutie has served up world-class BBQ to millions of customers in the American South. While 95% of Americans profess their love of BBQ, the beloved southern cuisine is a tremendously under served market, with less than 2,000 BBQ restaurants open across the country.

Bar-B- Cutie is on a mission to change that trend by bringing its new BBQ smokehouse concept to every community that loves BBQ, which is just about everywhere.

The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot originated in Provincetown MA. Overlooking the water guest can enjoy delicious meals in a fun and friendly environment. People from all over the world come to experience the fresh seafood, and an amazing view of the Harbor. The hospitality is second to none. The full-service seafood restaurant is truly one of a kind. Now franchising throughout the United States, you can be a part of this amazing opportunity.



Gary Brackett, former NFL middle linebacker and super bowl champion, has spent years building and managing Stacked Pickle. Gary, backed by his team of experienced restaurant operators, have expanded the restaurant into a nine-unit chain with each location thoughtfully placed in and around the Indianapolis market. With the knowledge and operational experience gained from these ventures, Gary’s next project is to expand the business via franchising.

With Stacked Pickle, you can start your own business in a constantly expanding market by taking advantage of our streamlined franchise opportunity.


We strive to serve organic, all natural, antibiotics and hormone free products in form of juicy burgers, fresh hand cut fries, salads, soups, shakes and other beverages along with delicious Desserts. We believe that Organic is sustainable and will always be. It does not only benefit the consumer but it is also helpful for the environment. Our products do not come from a factory, they come from farms and dairies that are mostly family owned and operated. The livestock and produces are nourished and cared for in a natural and humane way. They are pasture raised and cage-free rather than confined spaces. It’s delectable, nutritious and ecological and promotes our farmer families. An assortment of handcrafted organic sodas and organic milk shakes made with organic fruits can be a great companion to meals offered. A great variety of beer and wine suited to individual taste. Sweet and delicious delicacies comes in form of desserts.


Thumbs Up Diner has been an Atlanta institution for over thirty years. Our headquarter location is in downtown Atlanta adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. historic district while our other four locations service clients throughout the Atlanta metro area. We continue to set the standard for breakfast and beyond everywhere we go.

Friends and customers are the key to our success. Our many regular customers comprise a perfect blend of neighbors, business people, locals and tourists who visit on each trip to the city. Thumbs Up Diner is a come as you are meeting place where at any point in time you are likely to see families, business meetings and dates all sharing the common bond that is Thumbs Up Diner. We are now franchising regionally, nationally and Internationally.


Chutneys Indian Grill was created to offer diners of fast casual the opportunity to enjoy fresh, build-to-order, healthy Indian street food. Fresh ingredients and real food made by hand, guests of Chutneys will be able to enjoy a healthier, fresher option to traditional Indian Food.

Everything is fresh. Our Burrotis are pressed fresh and made in front of your eyes, our sauces are seasoned to perfection and our chutneys – that add another level of flavor – are all made fresh in the restaurant.

Everything we do at Chutneys is to see a smile on your face and that you bring a new set of friends next time you come to visit.

We are now franchising in the United States and Internationally.


Mr. Bagel Meister is a one of a kind bagel, breakfast and lunch brand that was created by Phil Santomassi, an entrepreneur from Connecticut with over 30 years in the industry. Today Mr. Bagel calls Wilmington North Carolina home, where he has his flagship location.

​Mr. Bagel Meister could be the opportunity you have been looking for! At Mr. Bagel Meister, we take pride in our food and the wonderful franchise opportunity we can offer. We always strive to provide our franchisees with the best tools and knowledge so they are able run a successful business.



At Peño Grill we put a huge focus on our World Class customer service to make you feel welcomed. Our award winning food starts with the freshest ingredients utilizing our founder, Jamal’s, family recipes to bring you flavors you have never tasted before. The music, excitement, and food come together to form an intoxicating experience that is sure to put a smile on your face. We are rapidly expanding in the Southeast region and Internationally.


Hot Harry’s Burritos has a very basic mission – to serve fast, fresh, affordable food in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. Hot Harry’s serves fresh, made-to-order California/Mexican style food in an inviting, fast-casual atmosphere.

There are no microwaves at our stores. We use made-from-scratch, homemade recipes that use fresh ingredients and are prepared on site. Our System Manuals provide an effective means to monitor your restaurant performance. The Manuals are also exceptionally useful teaching tools for every position in the restaurant.

  • Proven Success
  • Easily expandable to multiple locations
  • Assistance with site selection and lease negotiation
  • Assistance with advertising and promotion
  • Assistance with store décor, including full sign package, equipment package and complete Menu package.
  • Use of proprietary recipes and goods
  • Low start up costs, great conversion opportunities


Becoming a Dapper Doughnut owner is an exciting business opportunity. It is a great way to become a part of the restaurant industry and specialized dessert sector. Our franchisees get to be a part of a popular concept with a proven system. Right now, there is opportunity to get in on the “ground floor “and grow with the brand.

If you’re reading this page you’re probably looking at different food franchises and no doubt have learned that most require a significant six figure investment. The Dapper Doughnut franchise is different. Most locations will require well under $200.000, and if you opt to operate a food truck, your out-of-pocket investment will be under $100,000. There are very few businesses that can operate with a footprint of only 200 sq. ft. and with food costs of 10%, so that will compute into a much faster ROI.


The Dog Stop® opened its doors in 2009 after owners Jesse Coslov and Chris Kane spent several years researching the pet care industry, surveying the needs of local pet owners, and planning an all-inclusive facility. Their goal was to create a fun and safe environment where dogs would love to come and play, and pet owners would feel 100% confident in the superior care that their dogs were receiving. ​ Everyone needs a mission, so as the first pups were entering the doors, Jesse and Chris made a commitment to their vision for the service.

Now, you can become a part of this booming pet care industry by owning a The Dog Stop® franchise. Previous pet or dog service experience is NOT required. Our dedicated team will train you and be there to support you on an ongoing basis. Help is never more than a phone call or email away.


YourZone45 is a boutique fitness studio that delivers highly motivating Boot Camp style workouts that are focused around heart rate technology. The workouts are designed to burn calories fast, rev up metabolisms and increase fitness levels at a phenomenal rate.

Each unique workout is just 45 minutes long and led by a YZ45 instructor. Each member is designated a target heart rate zone to train in which depends on the individual’s current fitness levels and goals, this personalized approach is one of the main reasons why our members are achieving such fantastic results in record time.

YZ45 brings together the energy and community culture of an outstanding group exercise session but with the personal attention and guidance of a personal training session to create the ultimate, highly addictive fitness and weight loss experience like no other.


With an ever increasing population of baby boomers in our region, there is a need for therapy services that focus on the health and independence of our seniors.

Maintaining one’s independence at home and within the community can, for some, be the difference between living at home or moving to an environment of increased assistance.

Our purpose is to maximize every client’s independence and to allow for a fulfilling life at home and within our community.


Shine Window care offers low cost, high ROI franchise opportunities and in high demand these days, and we believe Shine offers the best combination of growth potential, people and systems that you’ll find anywhere in the franchise world. Offering Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, holiday lighting this franchise is one of a kind!

Our benefits are:

  • Year Round Revenue & Employee Utilization
  • Multiple Revenue Streams

Shine franchisees receive world class training, support and resources


Benzer Pharmacy is the one and only franchise choice for independent owners. Benzer is run by independent owners for independent owners. With a proven track record, consolidated services, nationally recognized branding and low cost of operation, you’re no longer alone. Join the fastest growing pharmacy franchise in the USA and get the support you need today.

It takes exceptional – consistent- service to keep customers coming back and making positive referrals. That’s the secret of our success. With more than 10 years of experience providing excellent pharmacy service, we’ve developed a streamlined approach to delivering the professionalism and reliability that customers expect, in a comfortable environment.

From us you can expect:

  • BRANDING: Brings awareness and opportunities by unifying Independent Pharmacies under one strong name.
  • COST OF GOODS: Reducing your costs means more money for your bottom line.
  • ADMIN SUPPORT & RESOURCES: In house expertise to provide assistance such as HR, Marketing, Accounting, Pharmacy operations, and many more.
  • TRAINING: Provide the latest training to all your staff to ensure the best customer service.
  • SPECIALITY MEDICATIONS: The ability to procure hard to find specialty medications through Benzer.


Firenza also offers 8 signature pies ranging from the Pizza Vegetariana loaded with healthy vegetables to the Big Kahuna featuring smoked ham, bacon and tropical pineapple. In addition to pizza the restaurant offers diners customizable salads, oven baked wings or meatballs.

Firenza Pizza allows you to experience “Pizza Like Never Before!” Firenza specializes in truly hand crafted and made-to-order, stone hearth-baked pizzas that can be customized with nearly 40 fresh toppings including house roasted garlic, creamy mozzarella ovalini and lean grilled steak.

Now franchising regionally, nationally and Internationally


Once upon a time there was… Mia Pasta

Founded in 2007, Mia Pasta was born out of a desire to provide quick, effective services with all the advantages of a traditional restaurant and high quality, healthy and balanced cuisine.

Following its significant initial success, Mia Pasta now has 13 franchises and continues to grow with the goal of becoming the market’s number one destination for relaxed, quick-service dining. Our network owes its success to the excellence of our franchisees, the work of our Mia Pasta team members and the exceptional quality of our food.

Fresh and tasty ingredients

Our wide-ranging menu gives you tons of choices, from delectable signature sautéed pasta dishes, to flatbread pizzas and Asian noodle dishes. The chef in you can also experiment with our Build-your-own menu. And all of these culinary delights are prepared before your eyes.

We are now expanding in the United States and Internationally via single unit, multi-unit, area representatives and master franchisors.


Uncle Al’s American Cafe was formed in 1981 combining our Arabica Coffee cafe and Uncle Al’s Pizzaria. We wanted to give our customers a place to come and enjoy our Specialty Coffee, Handmade Pizza and unique American Style Steak & Gourmet Burger Menu.

Since we offer all of the best beverage products in the world we wanted to combine the ultimate cafe menu in a classic American, service oriented setting.

This philosophy was an immediate success as restaurant & food enthusiasts continue to visit us every day. Our food menu has evolved over the years and we feel we have really given our customers the best variety and value for money of any cafe concept.

Come and see why we are one of the hottest new franchise concepts. Uncle Al’s American Cafe… “Where only you and quality matter”!


UFood Grill is leading the rapidly growing fast casual segment of franchising. With a sleek, inviting design and setting that serves fresh and delicious food fast, UFood Grill is meeting the current and increasing demand from its customers. UFood Grill’s menu consists of dishes that are fresh, ALWAYS baked, NEVER fried, as well as under 700 calories, and 950mg of sodium. UFood Grill also offers a customizable menu with Better-For-U food that can meet all dietary needs and restrictions.

“Made with fresh ingredients that taste great, we truly are where delicious meets nutritious.”

At UFood Grill, we are with you every step of the way:

  • Site selection
  • Submittal/Negotiation of LOI/Lease draft
  • Store design
  • Construction
  • Training
  • Grand Opening Support
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Ongoing marketing support

Now franchising West of the Mississippi River


Soloz is a unique and one of a kind brand, the word Soloz inspires single, grab and go meals with a distinctive twist, our Cone!!! This trending new food item is available to everyone, anywhere. Able to be sold through carts, trucks, trailers and kiosks, Soloz is able to have a strong presence at sporting events, airports, music festivals etc. What can’t we put in a cone? From chicken and waffles to cake and ice cream – we’re always coming up with new Cone-coctions to serve every appetite! The Soloz brand prides itself on creating opportunities for success to any entrepreneur looking to grow a business of their own. Soloz locations can be based anywhere in the U.S. based on our fantastic licensing and franchising programs.


Long Island, NY
North Carolina
New Jersey

Saudi Arabia
​South Africa
Dubai UAE



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